Speakers from industry

Dr. David Burnand on behalf of iNSTRUMAT

His talk will be about:

Obtaining Particle Concentration Using Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering

Dr. David Burnand

Passionate analytical-colloid chemist with a main focus on sales and applications for particle characterization and expertise in omics using LC-HRMS. Expertise in nanoparticle characterization using scattering techniques (DLS, DDLS, NTA) and Microscopy (TEM-SEM/EDX). Hands-on experience with experimental design using various analytical tools such as Chromatography (HPLC,SEC): (UltiMate 3000, Thermo Scientific) coupled with Mass Spectrometry: ESI/MS QTOF (maXis 4G+ Bruker), (Rheos 2200, Flux Instruments) ESI/MS (LTQ, Thermo Scientific), MALDI-TOF, Spectroscopy (ICP-OES, NMR, UV-Vis, FT-IR), Rheology, DSC, TGA. Experience in solving complex scientific challenges independently and as part of collaborative interdisciplinary projects (involving collaborations with field service engineer, bio-chemists, bioengineers, material scientists, physicists and microscopists).

Dr. Gerhard Heinzmann on behalf of Postnova

His talk will be about:

Field-Flow Fractionation – a Powerful Analytical Tool in Pharmaceutical Research and Nanomedicine

Dr. Gerhard Heinzmann

Dr. Gerhard Heinzmann received his PhD in Chemistry from the Technical University of Karlsruhe/Germany in 1996. He spent three years as Postdoc at the Karlsruhe Research Center. After this time, he was working as sales and product specialist for different companies in the field of analytical systems, dealing mainly with HPLC, GPC/SEC and Spectroscopy. Since 2013, he is working for Postnova Analytics, a company specialized on the technology of Field-Flow Fractionation.

Serra GÜRCAN on behalf of Precision NanoSystems

Her talk will be about:

Robust and Scalable Manufacturing of Nucleic Acid Lipid Nanoparticles for Vaccine and Protein Replacement Applications Using a Novel Microfluidic Mixing Technology


After graduating from the Chemistry Department of the University of Ege, Turkey in 2013, Serra has oriented her career to Pharmaceutical Sciences. She received her MSc focused on silver-sulphadiazine encapsulation in chitosan-based polymeric micelles for wound healing therapy as part of the Erasmus mobility program with the University of Pavia, Italy in 2016. She conducted her doctoral research as a Ph.D. fellow at UMR CNRS 8612, Institut Galien Paris Saclay, France. Her Ph.D. was focused on designing a combined therapy by encapsulating dexamethasone palmitate in solid lipid nanoparticles which are then complexed with the anti-TNF-α targeted small interfering RNA for obtaining an enriched anti-inflammatory effect. She recently joined Precision NanoSystems Inc. as a Field Application Scientist. Her expertise is developing and optimizing formulations that are developed on PNI instruments as well as evaluating nanoparticles in terms of their physical-chemical and biological properties.

Camille Francois-Roesch on behalf of Izon

Her talk will be about:

Standardized Single Particle Measurement of Number, Size and Charge is required for Confidence in Nanomedicine Engineering and Development

Camille Francois-Roesch 

As a pharmacist specialized in drug delivery and author of a thesis on nanotechnologies, Camille joined Izon Science in 2013 and started as the sales and application scientist at the British subsidiary in Oxford. She was in charge of scientific trainings and European technical support, and was providing applications and methods development for researchers. Then she moved back to France in 2015, to open the French branch and started growing the business further from here. Her current role at Izon Science as the EMEA’s Director involves managing every aspect of Izon’s business in the EMEA region; Since Covid, the entire European business has been relocated in Lyon. A rewarding yet challenging part being talking to customers/prospects and understanding their key challenges that need to be tackled while maintaining a worry-free operation within the Business. She always enjoys a good negotiation! Before joining Izon, Camille completed her Pharm-D degree in Drug delivery – The nanoencapsulation of Insulin for its oral administration, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Strasbourg, France. She led the consultancy for the human health nonregulatory strategy on behalf of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and was one of the authors of the Australian government’s human health and environmental risk assessment concept report. She has also co-authored 3 book chapters for the Merck Veterinary Manual, on ‘Drug action and Pharmacodynamics’, ‘Potential Uses of Nanotechnology in Veterinary Medicine’ and ‘Dosage Forms and Delivery Systems’ and a few research papers on behalf of Izon across Europe ever since.

Ingrid Bloß on behalf of Particle Metrix

Her talk will be about:

Colocalization Experiments with f-NTA

Ingrid Bloß

Ingrid Bloß studied biology at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. In her diploma thesis she worked under Prof. Arne Skerra on the influences of dsbC coexpression and of an amino acid exchange in the vitamin A binding site of apo-retinol binding protein in the periplasm of E. coli. Since then, she held several sales manager positions for optical laboratory instruments for life sciences and other industries. She joined the Particle Metrix team in 2020 as Sales Manager for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Ben Peacock on behalf of NanoFCM

His talk will be about:

Standardized Single Particle Measurement of Nano-flowcytometry – Utilizing fluorescence to characterize and qualify Nanoparticles in a refined platform

DR. Ben Peacock

Ben began working with Nanoparticles at Sheffield dental school, completing his PhD whilst optimizing the isolation, characterization, and utilization of cell line derived Extracellular vesicles. Now specializing in Nano-flowcytometry he works with a variety of Nanoparticles used in nanomedicine evaluating the loading potential, transfection efficiency and structural stability through the use of fluorescence proteins.